Homeless Prevention

EU Welcome is committed to help EU migrants who get into difficulties during their time in Southampton.Job losses, difficulty in accessing benefits and changes in family circumstances can lead to homelessness. EU Welcome works to prevent this and to support those who find themselves homeless, and sleeping rough, in the following ways.

  • We see clients under threat of homelessness in our weekly drop-in sessions during the daytime, and our evening advice sessions.
  • We will talk to landlords on clients behalf if necessary and explain the evcition procedure to ensure that tenants are being treated fairly.
  • We will also inform the relevant departments at Southampton City council.
  • We will help clients apply for relevant benefits
For those who find themselves homeless we get involved as follows

  • We attend the Two Saints Day Centre, 2 mornings per week, working with the staff there and the Street Homeless Prevention Team ensuring that clients with limited English are being understood and are being supported
  • We go on outreach to parts of the City where rough sleepers gather, alongside other agencies as requested, to make contact with those on the street and to offer them support
  • We work with local hostels, and other agencies, to find suitable emergency accommodation for clients.
  • We offer help with CV writing to try to get people back in employment
  • We work with the local homeless healthcare team to ensure clients are receiving relevant care
  • We support clients through detox as necessary and work with the relevant organisations
  • For clients who want to return to their home country, we will support them by ensuring they have relevant documents and the means to return. Where necessary we will communicate with family and agencies back home

For better integration of the new EU communities in Southampton, including arrivals from Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia & Hungary