April 2018

And Finally……..

After about 10 years this will be the final EU Welcome newsletter to come into your mailbox. We’ve developed a mailing list of around 1,200 people but new regulations known as GDPR mean that we would have to ask your express permission to continue to send it to you.

So we’ve decided to stop sending our news in this way.

But do not despair, you can still keep up to date with what’s happening at EU Welcome in the following ways:

We will be regularly updating our website www.euwelcome.org but also you can follow us on Twitter @EUWELCOME or on Facebook EU Welcome Project https://www.facebook.com/groups/50151597856/?ref=br_rs   Many of you are already ‘friends’ with Dave Adcock on Facebook but we’d strongly recommend that you ‘join’ the EU Welcome page to ensure you hear everything that’s going on.

This month our service is a bit limited as one of our staff is on sick leave and the other has some annual leave.  So do check and keep yourselves informed to avoid disappointment.

So final Mailchimp newsletter, but EU Welcome continues.