August 2017

August Odds and XXXX

August is a strange month. No school and lots of things not happening. People are either on holiday or wishing they were on holiday!

We had to cancel our drop ins and playgroup on the first week, but WE’RE BACK for the rest of the month.  

Next Saturday we have our Bulgarian seminar. See for details. Please tell Bulgarian friends.

Politicans are also on holiday this month, but here is the latest info from the Home Office

I’m told by friends in the police that reports of Hate Crime are up in Hampshire re incidents involving EU citizens.  Southampton is largely a peaceful place where communities live well together, but please report anything you’re not happy with.  See below for details or just contact us at EU Welcome.

In September we will be increasing our hours on Mondays at CLEAR for our drop in.  More details next month!

Financially EU Welcome needs to look for funding.  We are £20K short for the coming year!  Every little helps!

So enjoy the rest of the British Summer!