August 2018

Life’s a Beach!

Brits love to moan about the weather, but until recent rains, we’ve had a great Summer.  Southampton’s Guildhall Square even has a beach!

Whether you’re here throughout August or away either in your home country or somewhere on holiday, we wish a you a great time.

EU Welcome is there to help and support you throughout August.  For latest news on Brexit and how it effects you, look at the EU Welcome Project page on Facebook or @EUWELCOME on Twitter.  At the moment people dont need to do anything, but there will be registration needed at some time for Settled Status.  That all depends of course on UK reaching an agreement with the EU. Some are also calling for a 2nd Referendum now that the implications of leaving the EU are more clear.  So maybe Brexit won’t happen!!

Oh well!   In the meantime whether on Guildhall Square, Bournemouth seafront or somewhere exotic, life’s a beach!  (come rain or shine!)

PS Talking of travel, I’m told Bournemouth airport is considering flights to Poland again, but where in Poland. See this article

Pregnant?  Like the Reassurance of an Extra Scan?

News from Princess Anna Hospital is that their ultrasound department is now offering private obstetric scans at the weekends

These will all cost £60 each.(possibility of interpreters at extra cost or people can bring a friend)

If  interested please leave your details and contact number on  02381205287. Any referrals necessary will then be made directly by Princess Anne Hospital to the relevant doctors.  This in no way effects the 2 free scans that all women should receive from the NHS during their pregnancy

Polish worker now at Southampton Women’s Aid

Pomagamy kobietom, dzieciom oraz młodym osobom dotkniętym przemocą domową.

Uświadomienie sobie, że jest się ofiarą przemocy, jest poważnym i trudnym krokiem. Co z tym zrobisz jest wyłącznie Twoją decyzją. Jesteśmy po to, aby Cię wesprzeć, pokazać Ci drogę wyjścia z trudnej sytuacji i zapewnić Ci bezpieczeństwo.

Mówimy po polsku! Zadzwoń do nas, napisz SMS lub mail w języku polskim.

Telefon: 07436798268 (lub 023 8024 8116)


We help women, children and young people affected by domestic violence.

Realizing that you are a victim of violence is a serious and difficult step. What you do with it is just your decision. We’re here to support you, show you the way out of a difficult situation and keep you safe.

We speak polish! Call us, text or email in polish.

Phone: 07436798268 (or 023 8024 8116)

‘Take a Look at UKCEN

We would recommend people to link up with UKCEN   The group’s main objective is to promote the acquisition of UK citizenship and residence documentation. Their purpose is support members with the application process for: Permanent Residence Certification, Registration Certificate for Qualified Persons, Residence Permits for EEA Family Members, Children’s registration, Adult naturalisation. They have lots of information on their website and free help from qualified people.

Job Available in NorthamptonI

It is a job based at a quad bike dealership in Hellidon, Northants and accommodation is available on the farm where the workshop is located.

Here’s the link to the job;

We are keen to hear from candidates that might have Romanian, Polish or Ukrainian background as our companies have close links with those countries, and our departing Polish mechanic has been an excellent and valued staff member here.

Applicants don’t have to be fully fluent in English, we would be able to assist with translation at first via other employees

Hate Crime.  Don’t Suffer in Silence

We are pleased to announce that we have been asked to become a Third Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crime.  This means when things go wrong, we can help.

Hate crimes and hate incidents are offences and incidents that target a person’s race/nationality; ethnicity; disability; sexual orientation; faith/religion or gender identity. They are motivated by hostility or prejudice and can have a devastating impact on victims, their family, friends and or the community.

If you are subject to anything like this, you can, of course contact the police directly, or you can report it in this way by clicking on

You can give as much or as little detail as you wish and can remain anonymous if you want.  Alternatively contact us at EU Welcome and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.

Steps to Wellbeing!

Going through difficult times?  Need someone to talk to?  You can refer yourself to Steps to Wellbeing,  No need to see a doctor first!   They can offer interpreters if necessary

Southampton City Council Nationality Checking Service when applying for British Citizenship.

If someone wishes to book an appointment, they can either telephone: 02380915327, leave a contact message on the website, or email   They are very busy with the checking service so it may take a while before someone gets back to them.  They also offer a new  service, which is a passport checking service. This  is only available to people at the time of applying to be a British Citizen.  Here is the latest Home Office statement