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March 2018

KISS!   Keep It Simple Stupid!

Where’s your office?    That’s a question a lot of people have asked us over the years, and our reply has always been that we do not have an office but meet in various places.  Personally I’ve had some of my best chats with people in coffee shops!

One difficulty for people though, has been how to find us.  So we are simplifying things from the start of March.  From now on Mondays Adriana and Anna will be at the CLEAR office in James Street from 10am to 2.30pm and on Tuesdays (also 10am to 2.30pm) they will be at Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in King’s Park Road.  Full details of both places are elsewhere on our newsletter and on our website.

Years ago when I came up with a complicated idea, a friend shook his head and said ‘Think KISS.’  I was intrigued. Then he told me that KISS stood for Keep It Simple Stupid!  So we hope this new system  will be helpful, and make life easier.

We can also now offer appointments at some of our sessions. To make an appointment, call Adriana 07917879259 or Anna 07928362088 and leave a message if necessary.

Our evening sessions will still take place monthly at Freemantle Community Centre, Polish Club (but nb not this month) and St Edmund’s Lodge.  Full details on newsletter and website.  So they are still a little complicated!!!  Sometimes KISS is not possible!