February 2018

Alive and Kicking!

I’ve had one or two people say to me in January ‘it’s a shame EU welcome had to close!’  Well the wonderful thing is that it hasn’t! They say that Mark Twain once said ‘the reports of my death have been exaggerated’ and EU Welcome is certainly functioning, and forming new partnerships within the city.

We will be working ever more closely with CLEAR who have a great track record supporting asylum seekers and refugees and we are part of a group of advice organisations working locally with Citizens Advice.

You can also read below of an exciting development with Southampton Womens Aid helping victims of domestic violence.

Adriana and Ania are still working the same hours with EU Welcome and Dave is now giving his time as a volunteer.

It’s nearly Spring, a time of new life, and we’re definitely alive and kicking and wanting to make Southampton an even better place for all. A recent draft report about the impact of immigration was quite negative about some places but then said:

‘In contrast, Polish migrants in Southampton were becoming integrated into the life of the city. Those who attended the citizens’ panel had social contact with an often economically successful Polish community as friends, fellow parents, neighbours and work colleagues. This citizens’ panel did have concerns about migration – largely around population pressures – but participants balanced these with descriptions of the positive impacts that migration had brought to Southampton. The Polish community was now seen as an integral part of city life in Southampton: “We are Poland number two,” said one of our participants, proudly.’

We know not everything is perfect, but that made us smile. By the way if you want to get to know the city even more you can find out about it’s history through some exciting new walks from Www.southamptontouristguides.com


Here is news in English and Polish of our partnership with Womens Aid:


  • Working to support women, children and young people affected by domestic violence and abuse (pomoc kobietom, dzieciom oraz młodym osobom dotkniętym przemocą domową)
  • Recognizing that you are being abused is an important and difficult step. Where you go from here is your decision. We are here to give you support and information to allow you to make choices to improve your life and help you to be safe. (Rozpoznanie, że jest się ofiarą przemocy jest ważnym i trudnym krokiem. Co z tym zrobisz jest wyłącznie twoją decyzją. Jesteśmy po to aby dać ci wsparcie oraz informacje których potrzebujesz aby pozwolić ci pojąc kroki do poprawy sytuacji oraz pomóc ci w bezpieczeństwie)

SOUTHAMPTON WOMEN’S AID ORGANIZACJA POMOCY DLA KOBIET SOUTHAMPTON – 02380 248116 Email info.helpline@southamptonwomensaid.org.uk

  • If you don’t feel comfortable speaking in English, you can send us a text in polish to 07436798268 or send us an email toinfo.helpline@southamptowomensaid.org.uk specifying a contact number and safe time to call you and a polish speaker would contact you as soon as possible. (Jeśli nie czujesz się komfortowo mówić po angielsku to możesz do nas wysłać sms w języku polskim na numer 07436798268  lub email info.helpline@southamptowomensaid.org.uk podając swój numer telefonu oraz godziny w których mamy do ciebie oddzwonić. Oddzwoimy do ciebie w języku polskim.