January 2018

2018 The Future is CLEAR!

Over the last month we’ve been able to announce big changes with the structure of EU Welcome.  Please click here for details.  http://www.euwelcome.org.uk/about-us/into-the-future/

Change is always challenging but we are excited about the future of EU Welcome and look forward to continuing to run a friendly, people centred and professional service.  

For Dave Adcock who has been Project Manager for 12 years, it is the start of a new phase as he will now serve EU W as a volunteer. He  reflects What started as just a job for me, has become an important part of my life, and I could not just leave EU Welcome, our clients, volunteers and friends who have supported us.  I have always been part-time in the organisation and I will be continuing my other paid work projects, but I will give time to EU W at least for the next 12 months, and will still be available to spend time helping our clients through the challenges and opportunities that life gives us.  As the year goes on the organisational side will no longer be my responsibility, and I look forward to that, as it will free me to concentrate on what I love -; seeing people achieve their potential.’

From February, in order to fulfil the conditions of our funding we will need to ask clients for a few personal  details. These will be stored on a secure data base, and confidentiality will be assured. 

As part of the changes, we have stopped running the Kids Planeta playgroup on Tuesday mornings.  Numbers for this were down and we believe that families now are more confident to attend existing groups. 

As 2018 progresses and (presumably) BREXIT approaches, EU Welcome will be there for you!

Happy New Year!