July 2017

To Do or Not To Do?   That is the Question!

The EU Referendum took place over a year ago.  Ever since then, we’ve been asked questions by EU W clients and friends, about what will happen, and most importantly will people who are living and working here be able to stay after Brexit. 
These questions have always been tricky for us to answer.  We are not immigration advisers and are aware we could be prosecuted and fined for giving ‘immigration advice.’
People asked about ‘Permanent Residence’ and our friends at Citizens Advice put on 6 seminars explaining the process, but we never knew if this was really going to ensure the status of EU citizens.
So the question was ‘Do I do something, or just wait?’ A year on and with Brexit talks just beginning the UK government has outlined its proposals here

These have not yet been agreed on by EU partners, nor have they been voted on in UK parliament, but the proposals seem to say that in 2018 people  who have been continuously living here for 5 years will be able to apply to stay indefinitely by getting ‘settled status.’   Even those with the Permanent Residence card will need to do this ( I wouldn’t be surprised though if those with PR cards will be fast tracked).  We are told this will be a simple application process.  For those here for less than 5 years, there will be a ‘grace period.’   Details of that are still uncertain.  But if you’ve not been here 5 years yet, please don’t panic.

So, in short, ‘To Do or Not to Do?’  The answer for now, seems to be to wait!  If you’re thinking of applying for UK citizenship though, (and at present you need Permanent Residence for that) see below a great new initiative from Say Ok

We were pleased to receive help from Simpkins and Co.https://simpkinsand.co.uk/ who ran our seminar in June about Brexit.  I suspect we will be doing another one when details of this new proposal become clear.  We also hope to be running some workshops about mental health in September, as we are aware that uncertainty is stressful!

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