July 2018

Do Something…..But Not yet!

‘Settled Status’ is what the UK government is calling its new registration scheme that it plans to bring in for EU citizens at Brexit.  The proposals have not yet been agreed by UK parliament and will also, no doubt, be scrutinised by the EU,but if this all goes through EVERYONE who is not yet a British citizen will have to go through this process.

The current proposal is here


So it will cost £65 per adult and half that for chidlren and will be free for those who already have ‘Permanent Residence.’  (those who completed the 80 page form)

Applicants will have to prove their identity, that they have been resident in the UK for 5 years (those who have not yet been here 5 years can apply for ‘Pre-settled status’) and that they have no ‘serious’ criminal record. 

It looks like residency is defined as being in UK for at least 6 months each year within those 5 years, and there are some exceptions for people who have been studying or working abroad.

Another piece of possible good news is that it says that if a mistake is made on the form, that the Home office will come back to the applicant rather than just refusing the application. This makes a change from the ‘Hostile Environment’ policy that the Home Office has been operating.

It is a criminal offense for people who are not qualified to help people with migration issues.  So EU welcome will have to be very careful as to what we offer, but in co-operation with our partners we will do all we can, and we are at present looking into whether our project workers can have training to help people.  Watch this space!

So many of you will have to do something next year if this comes into operation, but it’s not there yet. So sit back, keep all your documents and keep listening! 

Polish worker now at Southampton Women’s Aid

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Uświadomienie sobie, że jest się ofiarą przemocy, jest poważnym i trudnym krokiem. Co z tym zrobisz jest wyłącznie Twoją decyzją. Jesteśmy po to, aby Cię wesprzeć, pokazać Ci drogę wyjścia z trudnej sytuacji i zapewnić Ci bezpieczeństwo.

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We help women, children and young people affected by domestic violence.

Realizing that you are a victim of violence is a serious and difficult step. What you do with it is just your decision. We’re here to support you, show you the way out of a difficult situation and keep you safe.

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‘Take a Look at UKCEN

We would recommend people to link up with UKCEN   http://www.ukcen.co.uk/   The group’s main objective is to promote the acquisition of UK citizenship and residence documentation. Their purpose is support members with the application process for: Permanent Residence Certification, Registration Certificate for Qualified Persons, Residence Permits for EEA Family Members, Children’s registration, Adult naturalisation. They have lots of information on their website and free help from qualified people.

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