November 2017

Look After Yourself!

EU Welcome is there to help people help themselves!  To survive in a foreign country you need amazing determination. It’s never easy!

One of our highlights last month was our workshop about mental health.  Fifteen people gathered to discuss this subject, and one conclusion was that we all need to take steps to look after our mental health from simple things like eating properly, having enough sleep and talking to others when we’re under pressure.  We also discussed what services are available.  We hope to do more.  Let us know if you’re interested.

Another way of looking after ourselves is not allowing ourselves to be exploited by others. Once again do share problems. EU welcome is here to help. Check out how to find us on the ‘contact us’ page on the website.   If you believe you’re a victim of crime because of your nationality, religion, disability or sexual orientation, have a look at the top left of our home page.
Finally on Saturday 4 November and every first Saturday of the month our Bulgarian volunteer Dessy will be offering support to people wanting to develop their career prospects. You can meet with her at Costa Coffee upstairs in the Marlands Mall.   She can help in English and Bulgarian.  Here are full details in Bulgarian

We’re here for you!