September 2018

Wanted Not Tolerated!

The new Brexit Secretary for the British government, Dominic Raab has said that the future of EU migrants in the Uk will be secure even if there is no agreement reached with the EU over a Brexit deal. He continued it would be ‘inconceivable’ they will be ‘turfed out.’

An article in the Daily Telegraph though hit the nail on the head when it said that EU citizens need to feel ‘wanted’ rather than just being told they will be allowed to stay.

EU Welcome has always emphasised the worth and dignity of each individual. No-one leaves their country on a whim. Everyone has a story to tell and a reason for coming here.   Sometimes we can’t solve people’s problems, but we can always show that we care.

On 6 September a meeting is taking place in Salisbury titled ‘What Future for EU citizens in the UK?’  The speaker is part of   For full details see    Meanwhile the Home Office’s latest information says this

Do remember though that some people feel that Brexit will be delayed, and there are calls for another Referendum ‘The People’s Vote’   Nothing is certain!

Debt and the inability to pay bills can be a real problem for many.  If you have problems with paying your TV licence. EU Welcome now has direct access to advisers who can help with a payment plan. Contact us for details.Talking of debt be very careful about individuals who offer to lend money.  Click here to see hwo they can ruin lives

Please note that due to holidays there will be no drop ins on Monday and Tuesday 3-4 September. On Thursday 6th September Dave Adcock will be at Freemantle Community Centre at 6pm

Support worker – Respite

The Rose Road Association exists to support disabled children, young adults and their families by providing a wide range of services and information across Hampshire and the surrounding counties.  They have several jobs at the moment available and have asked us at EU W to promote them.  Click here for details

Take a Look at UKCEN

We would recommend people to link up with UKCEN   The group’s main objective is to promote the acquisition of UK citizenship and residence documentation. Their purpose is support members with the application process for: Permanent Residence Certification, Registration Certificate for Qualified Persons, Residence Permits for EEA Family Members, Children’s registration, Adult naturalisation. They have lots of information on their website and free help from qualified people.