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Here are just some of the things we help our clients do;

  • Fill in forms
  • Create basic CVs
  • Apply for jobs
  • Find training and language lessons
  • Find volunteer roles to broaden experience
  • Find information on how to deal with difficult landlords and employers
  • Write official letters
  • Understand rights regarding employment, benefits, housing etc.
  • Signpost to legal help
  • Take decisions about the future: Stay in the UK? Go back home? Apply for British citizenship?
  • Ensure that children are well integrated into the school system, and that parents understand their responsibilities
  • Make contact with appropriate authorities – City Council, police etc.
  • Get help and support from other local advice services such as SARC (Southampton Advice and Representation Centre), Women’s Aid, No Limits, Citizens Advice and other members of the Advice in Southampton group.

We work flexibly and are generally contacted through telephone or internet but we also hold regular ‘drop in’ advice sessions throughout the city.

We are particularly keen to help people who have housing difficulties and who face possible homelessness, and we work closely with agencies that work with ‘street homeless’ people. We also support victims of domestic violence helping them to access available services.

We help people access employment that reflects their qualifications, training and passions.

We wish to ensure that all clients understand their rights in the UK, and can play their part to make Southampton an even better place in which to live and work.


EU Welcome does not provide emergency services.

We do not provide accommodation or work, although we can tell you how to look for them or point you into the right direction.

Integration is a two-way process!

We work extensively with people who have come over here to live and to work, but we are aware that since 2004 many local people in Southampton have seen huge changes in their workplaces and neighbourhoods. Front line staff in organisations have had to learn to cope with people from a different culture who sometimes speak limited English. If you are facing challenges or would just like to know more about the people that have arrived here, and how to communicate better with them, EU Welcome is keen to help.

"EU Welcome is to help our clients help themselves. We want to see EU migrants functioning as a well-integrated part of Southampton society."

EU Welcome provides information and support for arrivals in Southampton from the newer EU countries including Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. We are able to offer help, advice and support for those speaking Polish, Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian & Hungarian.

Contact Us

Ania Krzywicka
  • Monday and Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
  • 07928 362 088
Adriana Conroy
  • Monday to Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
  • 07917 879 259
  • Mondays : 09:45 – 12:45
  • CLEAR, James Street Centre, 2 James Street SO14 1PJ
  • Tuesdays : 09:45 – 12:45
  • Citizens Advice, 3 Kings Park Road SO15 2AT

  • Mondays : 13:45 – 17:00
  • CLEAR, James Street Centre, 2 James Street SO14 1PJ
  • Tuesdays : 13:45 – 17:00
  • Citizens Advice, 3 Kings Park Road SO15 2AT
  • WEDNESDAYS : 09:30 – 12:30
  • SARC 11 Porchester Road SO19 2JB
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